Olive_Oil_bottleScattered around the property are mature olive trees, some more than 110 years-old, that were moved to make way for Cabernet Sauvignon vines. The original orchard field mixture of Picholine, Sevillano, some Mission trees and other European varieties were augmented in the 1990s with Italian varieties such as Frantoio and Leccino. Each year, Ann leads the hand harvesting of the trees to produce Grace Family Vineyards Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

They use the same commitment and care to the craft of producing the olive oil as they do with their Cabernet Sauvignon, and production has increased with the proper pruning, care, as well as the incorporation of various organic and biodynamic farming practices. A koi pond and flower and vegetable gardens lie between the Grace home and the winery.

For information on the availability of Grace Family Olive Oil, please write Ann here.