A list of articles about Grace Family Vineyards.

Napa Cabernet producer Dick Grace saves children with his spiritual philanthropy

Food & Wine: Winemakers of the year, 2012, Helen Keplinger
The top up-and-coming talents for 2012 are growing obscure grapes in Cab country, extracting intensity from stony vineyards and much more.

Finding Grace: How a meeting in Nepal led to wine making in Napa Valley
“When I saw them sitting at the next table with a bottle of wine, I thought, ‘Oh my god, they have a bottle of Grace Family Cabernet,” Keplinger said. “I was so excited that the friends I was with suggested that I go over and talk to them, and that’s when I learned it was actually their wine.”

Keplinger had gone to the remote village after a year of teaching English in Thailand.

The Cult of Cabernet: The paradox of Napa’s most expensive wines
It’s a situation I never thought I’d find myself in: I’m the lone visitor at Harlan Estate, one of Napa’s most elite wineries. Perched on a divan in the “tasting room” — it feels like the fanciest living room I’ve ever set foot in — I watch as estate director Don Weaver, gregarious and hospitable, opens three bottles of wine and pours them into glasses on the coffee table before me. He reclines on the sofa opposite mine, awaiting my reactions. There is no one else on the entire property; it feels as if my voice might echo.

If each glass contains a 6-ounce pour, I am sitting in front of $500 worth of liquid.